USE ME by Bill Withers

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Wow – this is a funky one! Today, we’re playing along to “Use Me” by Bill Withers and I think you’re really going to like it. Tons of different variations you can get into here, but if you’re a proper beginner, you can certainly keep it very, very simple.

Of course, while this app is a really great tool for you to practice playing with, there’s really no substitute for playing along with the original track. These midi backers hardly do the song justice! What I’d recommend is to practice on the app for a bit, experiment with some different strum patterns and maybe even some different chord grips, and then take it on over to the original recording to see what you can do.

Chords are easy enough. You’ve just got an E minor and an A major chord – nothing too crazy, both open chords. If you’re a bit more advanced, you might want to try incorporating some barre chords in there. You can even add in some hammer-ons to really funk it up a bit more, and there’s also room for some sus chords. If this is more your level of playing, you might want to check out my chord explorer series over on the website.

Something I do want to quickly mention – this song has some interesting stops in the middle of it. They make sense if you listen to the original recording because he fills the breaks in with vocals. You’ll notice what I’ve done while playing through those is that I’ve kept my strumming hand moving! This will help you keep that funky rhythm you’ve worked so hard to build up – don’t want to lose that.

Of course, if you’d like loads more play-alongs, grab the app right here! Available for iOS and Android.





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