AIN'T NO SUNSHINE by Bill Withers

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This Bill Withers classic, “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone,” is a great tune for beginners who are looking for practice with their minor chords. This song features the A, E, and D minor chords, so there’s plenty of practice with chord changes and staying on the beat.

For much of the song, you’ll be strumming on beats 1 and 3, but you can vary it up quite a bit once you get comfortable with the chord progression and chord changes.

Just a quick note, though – this song does feature a pick-up! This means that the vocals actually start before the first chord is played. If you’re singing along with the song, be sure to play that first chord for yourself before you start singing. This will ensure that you’re starting your vocals in the proper key and it won’t sound all wonky once the guitar comes in.

Beyond that, you can play around with some suspended chords here. They really give a more complex feel to the song, and you can experiment with different arrangements and chord progressions. I’ve given you a few different variations on the A minor chord, but if you need more help with them, you can look over this lesson I’ve done on


Overall, this is a pretty simple song that can be made to be a bit more interesting as you get more comfortable with different strumming patterns and chords. Of course, we do the best we can without an entire strings section backing us up!




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