How to use a Looper Pedal

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I wish I got into using a looper pedal years ago but I just didn't get it. Now I encourage every guitarist to get one and explore them - they're an awesome practice tool and I use mine most practice sessions!

Justin's Recommended Loopers

TC Electronic Ditto

I love this looper, it's so simple to use and sounds great. It's the one I use most for practice and the one I recommend you buy if you're just getting into it. It really is awesome.

TC Electronic Ditto X2

The one thing that's a bit of drag on the original Ditto was not having a dedicated stop button, so they came up with the X2. It's got a couple of extra features too but it's really about using the stop in a live performance situation - so for home use, get the regular Ditto, if you're playing out then get yourself the X2.

Digitech JamMan Express

Not many Digitech pedals I really dig, but I got a few friends that swear by the JamMan Express as being simple and easy and sounding good. I used a friends, and liked it but prefer the mini size of the TC one.

Boomerang III

The Boomerang is a multi-loop looper, got a load of clever features and can be a lot of fun. But as well as being complex and well designed, it also needs a special 'wall wart' power supply which increases the ball ache factor significantly compared to the Ditto so mine sits in a drawer now pretty much all the time. UPDATE, I just noticed that the latest version does, in fact, take a 9v power supply so I might look at getting another one at some point. They are awesome!


They're really popular but I never really got on with Boss loopers. That was some time ago and I'm going to give them another go soon, but the one I bought had drums and stuff in it and I found it really complicated to use. But if I re-test and find them better then I'll update this page!

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